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Holi Celebration 2018: Enjoy these scrumptious food items on this Holi..!! Happy Holi..!!

NEW DELHI: Festivals of Colour’s, one of the most popular and entertaining festivals celebrated all over India where people involve themselves in food, music, dance, drinks and most importantly colours. “Holi” is a festival of bright colours that gives meaning to your life in

New Year’s Eve 2017-2018: Best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve Party in Delhi NCR..!! Pick up your Spot..!!

NEW DELHI: The last day of 2017 is coming to an end with lots of preparations for the New Year’s Eve party. 31st December night is celebrated all over the world where friends and family members came together to cherish the moments of past

Sizzling and Seasoned Appetite for Non-Vegeterians : “MUTTON PAYA”..!!

New Delhi: “Paya” is mostly famous in South Asian Countries. Paya means Feet in south Asian countries. Trotters are the main ingredients of Paya which can be of goat, beaf, sheep or buffalo with various spices. It is also known as by another name

Ramadan 2017: Muslim’s holy month known as practice of fasting..!!

NEW DELHI: Ramadan, as well known as Ramazan, which is celebrated by Muslims all over world to celebrate their holy month of fasting. Ramazan is the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar. According to prophet Muhammad, many muslims from child to adult held themselves

Top 10 finger licking Snacks of India.

NEW DELHI: “I get way too much happiness from good food”- Elizabeth Olsen. India is a vast country with rich culture. Indian food is famous for its variety and taste. Snack is a part of food. In India each state and region has its

Rajasthan: Top most scrumptious foods which will make your mouth watery.

NEW DELHI: Rajasthan, the northern state of India, is prominent for its vied History, Royal Palaces, and The Maharajas and most importantly for its delectable cuisines. Rajasthan has most beautiful landscapes with breathtaking royal Palaces due to which it is one of India’s foremost destination

Amusement Parks: Here are best one’s to feel the waves..!!

NEW DELHI: An Amusement Park or A theme park is a place of attraction with lots of rides like water rides, Disk’O, Free fall. These places offer many more things which attract lots of visitors. Amusement parks offer a variety of rides along with

Dilli Ke Flavours: Tempting food items that you must try..!!

NEW DELHI: Delhi, one of the best location to savour taste for your soothing taste-bud, whether it be local or international. It is the best place to taste mouth – watering delicacies which comes out as a relishing features for every person out there.

Grace your taste-buds by Indian delicacies at Dostana Restaurant – Liverpool..!!

ENGLAND: We all know that food is the ultimate peace where you can sit with your favourites and relish your spoonful of it. The best time is when people spend their luxuries on food by savouring the flavours of Indian food in different parts

Enjoy this Summer season with these chilling food items! Keep Hydrated..!!

NEW DELHI:  You know how you’re supposed to drink 8 glasses of water per day? Right, well, this is an antiquated health mandate, but a lot of us were never doing such a great job of following it anyway. And if you haven’t developed the habit