News Disk is an online news channel which was launched in 2016 to create a niche market of news based stories that are generally missed by the frontal media. Its promoter Mr Anil Kumar, associated with mainstream electronic media in the national capital came up with the idea of starting a channel that could be truly the peoples’ channel.

There would be documentaries on various subjects ranging from the self less medical services provided to lepers and beggars at Delhi’s Chandini Chowk by a motley group of aged women every Sunday or the story behind the Flag Staff tower at the ridge in North Delhi near the Delhi University.

Focusing on the need for more hygienic public conveniences in the capital rather than swanky liquor vends. News Disk Media Private Limited also undertakes producing corporate films for its client at moderate rates. It is also looking out for fresher’s who would like to assist the Channel in the capacity of news gatherers/reporters.

Within a short time of its launch, the channel is getting a resounding welcome all over place have been reported which itself tells the liking of the contents of the channel.

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