Delhi Lockdown driving the employees crazy

Delhi Lockdown for Covid-19

Delhi – Lockdown Imposed In Delhi Till 31St March

 Delhi Lockdown: The skeleton government-run DTC service happened to be the most criticized one in the first two days of the clampdown The worst sufferers were the blue collared staff who threw out venom on the government for not providing adequate frequency of the buses.

News Disk team of reporters took a round of parts of central Delhi lockdown and South Delhi and found that most of the staff who had come for work were finding it difficult to commute and had to wait for over two to three hours for the DTC buses.

A railway employee, Harsh, was almost stranded at Ring Road near the Millennium Park and told News Disk that he was waiting at the bus stop for the last 75 minutes to catch a bus for ISBT, Kashmere Gate.  He lives at Meerut, about 70 kilometres away from Delhi.  “It took me three hours to reach office in the morning and I do not know what time I will reach back home realizing the erratic service.”

When asked if he is planning to undertake the ordeal of commuting to office the next day also, he said, “I will come tomorrow also but I intend staying back in the office lounge, but the main problem will be food if I stay till the situation becomes normal.”

Most of the people voiced their concern over non-availability of drinking water as the kiosks and the water trolleys have been asked to discontinue.  Waiting for the bus at Kasturba Gandhi Marg, a bank employee, said that it was more than an hour that he was waiting for the bus.  “We now work till 2 pm but now waiting at the bus-stop, we feel thirsty but there is no water available.  Even the hawkers selling ‘chana’ is also not there.  What do we do?’, he questioned.

Delhi Lockdown 

A young girl, who is in the nursing department of a well-known hospital was all in anger at the shutting of the metro service. “It is a nightmare that so much time is being wasted in commuting by bus.  They can still operate the metro with a delayed frequency so that girls like us don’t have problems commuting.”

She vehemently criticized the ‘drumming of thalis and the clapping’ as a gratitude gesture for those working during the clampdown and said, “Why cant they provide transport for people like us.  And the buses are overcrowded so the advisory that we should maintain a distance of one metre from each other is just not possible in the crowded bus. There is a danger of Coronavirus spreading if a carrier is in the bus.”

While the bovine beauties had a gala time on the road and so did the stray dogs.  For once they knew that the fear of crowded roads was not there.  They could cross the roads as much as they wanted.  But their problem is finding food, particularly those who stay far off from the residential colonies.

The Delhi clampdown is taking its toll on the blue collar staff  as was evident  on Monday and Tuesday this week.  All the claims of the government that employees working in banks or petrol pumps or those going for emergency services are falling flat.  The employare licking the dust as the clampdown in Delhi has the blue collar staff working in


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