CBSE Exam Leak 2018: Three individuals got detained; Board suspends the officials who were incharge at the centre..!!

NEW DELHI: The leak of CBSE Exam paper for 10th Mathematics and 12th Economics case has created a lot of  reckless situation across the country; students and parents finds out difficulty due to this incident. The crime branch team investigated people’s from different regions who were directly or indirectly linked with leaking activity and also taken statements of the officials who were involved in sharing images through whatsapp.

According to the investigation, the three individuals who had an involvement towards the paper leak issue got arrested by the police and also verified the details of the case. Rishabh, Rohit and Tauqeer knew each other since the last five years. Tauqeer, the third accused in the case, had urged the other two to help him get the CBSE Class 12 economics paper for his student.

According to the police, the examination papers are generally supposed to be opened 15 minutes before by the invigilator, but the economics paper was opened about 30-40 minutes earlier. Following which Tauqeer, one of the accused forwarded the paper to the students. Human Resource Development Ministry Secretary Anil Swarup announced the suspension of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) official K. S. Rana and the institution of a formal inquiry against him.

The re-test for Central Board of Secondary Education’s (CBSE’s) Class 12 economics paper will be held on April 25, while the Class 10 mathematics re-test, if required, will be conducted only for Delhi-NCR and Haryana in July, the government has said. All the confusion regarding the CBSE re-test should be cleared now after the announcements made by his ministry, said Union Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister Prakash Javadekar. Students will have to take the Class 10 CBSE maths re-test only if the leak is found to be a large-scale one, added Javadekar.


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