Congress Presidential Election’17: Rahul Gandhi is going to be a youth endearment as a President of Congress..!!

NEW DELHI: Rahul Gandhi, vice president of Congress party is all set to guide his army of well-versed people’s from Indian politics. Gandhi, who is ready to acquire the place of presidency post from his mother, Sonia Gandhi(who is a recent president for two decades), after practicing 5 year long practice as a vice president of Congress. He filed nomination papers at the party’s 24 Akbar Road headquarters in Delhi, in the presence of all the detailed process as to dismiss the allegations by BJP on dynastic politics.

Total 89 number of nominations were filed for Mr Rahul Gandhi by various congress party leaders and workers from different parts of the country to support him for upcoming challenges. Congress Chief, Sonia Gandhi was the first one to nominate for her son and lead the way for others by signing the papers. Congress party members were presented there to go through the election process and warmly greeted each other on the moment, therefore Rahul Gandhi was a sole nominee which is slightly expected by the structure.

The grand welcome would be conducted on 11th December for Rahul Gandhi as a youthful leader which is also a last day of withdrawal of candidature. The party also witness effective generational shift that comes around in handy. Gandhi firstly met former Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh and former President Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, to pursue blessings from them and after that he walk towards his party office where he warmly greeted one of the experienced leader’s, Sheila Dixit and Mohsina Kidwai.

The 47 year old, Rahul Gandhi was born in Delhi in 1970, who is currently serving the nation as a Lok Sabha Member of Indian Parliament. He is the first child of Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi and also a grandchild of Indira Gandhi(First female to become Prime Minister Of India in 1966). Rahul went to The Doon School in Dehradun for academic studies in 1981 and later joined St. Stephens College in Delhi. then he moved from their to Rollins(USA) and Trinity College(Cambridge, England) for further studies in international relations and development studies.

Rahul took initiative in Indian Politics in 2004, when he was elected as a Lok Sabha member of parliament from Amethi District in Uttar Pradesh where he won his first election by 1 lakh votes. Mr Gandhi also took an initiative in Indian Youth Congress and the National Students Union of India.

He is known for fearless statements in debates around the world. How he challenged other parties while he called with several names like #Prince or #Pappu   Like recently, his speech at University of California, Berkeley about dynasty rule in Congress party and how GST & Demonetisation effected the Indian Economy under the Modi government.

There are several leaders who confirmed their statements on by accepting Rahul Gandhi as upcoming Congress President while other party members taken a dig on social media on his Political career. Here are several ones-:

“Rahul Gandhi is a darling of the Congress and he will carry forward the great traditions of the party,” said former Prime, Dr Manmohan Singh.

Amarinder Singh(Punjab Chief Minister) also stated, “Rahul Gandhi has shown his worth. He’s been outstanding in his performance. He will make a good PM” Mr Singh said and also added, “This is my 50th year. Elections have always happened. Why are other parties interfering?”(About BJP’s interference)

National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah said: “This is a good sign that the young brigade is stepping forward. I hope he takes India to great heights where everyone lives with harmony. The post of PM lies in distant future, for now he must work hard to unite India and bring everyone together.”

Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of them who takes a jibe on this issue while addressing the rally in Gujarat by stating that, “I congratulate the Congress on their ‘Aurangzeb Raj.’ For us, the well-being of the people matters and 125 crore Indians are our high command.”

Lets see how it will effect or affect the Indian Politics specially the regime of Congress Party..!!



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