Coronavirus crisis – India facing lockdown

Lockdown India

Lockdown India for Covid-19

NEW DELHI:Lockdown ‘India’ The daily wages in Delhi are the worst hit of the clampdown, Particularly those who have not been able to go back to their home town. Without any earning they are facing a big problem Raju, 20, has been working in the N-block of Connaught Place but for the last three days he is finding difficulty in fetching milk as the tuck shops selling milk have been shut down.

Lamenting on the aftermath of the shutdown he said, “I am very worried what will happen to me.  I thought it was for a day or two but today being the third day, I do not know how I will go back.  As it is,  the interstate bus service has been discontinued. And I am now worried how will I survive.”

A daily wager of Khari Boali, Ramee, was not well when the clampdown was declared two days ago.  His friends in the same profession left for their respective hometown but he was unable to.  Now that he is recuperating, he does not know what to do as the local doctor has shut his clinic.  “I wanted to get examined again and there was a possibility he would have changed my medicines.  But I cannot do it. There is no money flow and the reserve is getting exhausted.  I can understand that the disease can take an ugly proportion if not contained but the government should have thought about us too.”

With no financial security for the daily wagers, it is becoming a nightmare to survive. Even the charitable institutes have not been able to come to their rescue.

Delhi Police have been instructed to allow delivery agents with passes to proceed, he added. On Wednesday Mr Arvind Kejriwal said his government was prepared to ensure supply of essential goods.

‘During this 21-day Delhi lockdown, we will do our best to make sure nobody goes hungry. This is a difficult time. We are not saying there will not be problems, but we will do our best to make sure everyone is looked after,” he said, stressing, “There will be no shortage of essential goods’.



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