Covid-19 Crises in India: True heroes of our society

India Covid19 Crises True heroes of our society

Covid-19 Crises: One man can provide meals to hundreds and Two thousands Daily Food Packets

NEW DELHI: As we all know, there are various factors that affect people during the lockdown. Low paid workers and people who usually manage their food for one day on their daily based income are getting affected due to this pandemic #covid19 crises. During these times, people are coming to help those people who won’t be able to manage their basic necessities like food, shelter, clothing, clean water and healthcare.

In Mayur Vihar Phase 1 Pocket 3, people came forward to serve food to those people who are in need to survive during #lockdown. One of the major steps taken by a Supreme Court advocate, Guru Raj, came out with an idea that he would serve the poverty-stricken people in the area and its neighbourhood. He managed to ensure that daily wage labourers will get food on a daily basis in his locality and also takes responsibility to maintain the precautions while distributing the goods, for example, they maintained the one-metre distance and other necessary steps which WHO mentioned in their advisory document.

News Disk team went there to support them and had a conversation with them on their small contribution towards their society. Guru Raj said, that he came up with this idea when he was sitting at home and thinking how to help those workers during this #quarantine time and make sure to take a step himself rather than blaming a government or people of the system. He took help from the nearby people in Mayur Vihar residential area to give support in terms of any medium such as ration, money, clean water, and other required essentials. People from the societies came forward and provided rice, pulses, oil, water, sugar etc. The meal consists of rice, dal and chapatis. Guru had taken help from his advocate fraternity Pan India people through social media. Soon funds kept rolling and he along with some people started the service.

Covid-19 Crises in India

Guru said his fight was on two fronts:- COVID-19 and hunger. He added that his food was distributed thrice a day and over 2000 people were being benefitted. The local police were coming regularly picking up the food packets that they gave to the needy and poor people. Guru, a humanitarian to the hilt, was also serving the stray dogs in the area and also the birds that came regularly at a certain time to peck the food. He was also in praise for the police and the local residents who were now contributing both in cash and kind for the service that he has extended.

We need more people like Guru Raj in our society so that we can fight against this pandemic situation. Help as much as you can to those people who need support in these tough times.



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