Dalai Lama Temple at Mcleod Ganj Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh..!!


NEWDELHI: Sitting at the rock, gazing at mountains and monasteries at serene environment is all about Mcleod Ganj, I just loved it….

Mcleod Ganj is known as Little “Lahasa”, a Tibetan’s territory or “Dhasa” refers “part of Dharamshala”. Mcleod Ganj is popular suburb of Dharamshal, District of Kangra in Himachal Pradesh. Apparently “the land of Dalai Lama”. In fact it is Dalai Lama headquartered “Govt-In-Exile”. It is situated at Dhauladhar Range at the average elevation of 6800 feet very peaceful and breezy cold, behind it highest peak at the 18500 feet, through widely known Triund track. “Mcleod Ganj” is formed by prefix former Lieutenant Governor Donald Friell “McLeod” and Indian suffix “Ganj” is namely neighbourhood.

Nearest airport is 15 KM Kangra airport, called Gaggal airport and Pathankot railway station is nearest central railway station which is 84 KM away. We stayed at Hamirpur for two days, and left  at evening for Mcleod Ganj, we travelled through tranquil mountain’s darkness and reach at dharamshala about 10:30 PM, undoubtedly we were extremely maxed out. Stayed at makeshift hotel and next morning hired a cab, which charged us 300 INR and taken us to Mcleod Ganj. Of course we were so excited to see Dalai Lama’s headquarter called, Tsuglagkhang or Tsuglag Khang,. It is fabulous attraction for visitors to McLeod Ganj as well as a pilgrimage site for Tibetans. Apparently it is most respected temple across Dharamshala. The Tsuglagkhang entire Complex is the official home of the 14th Dalai Lama. The complex houses the Photang (Dalai Lama’s residence), Tibet Museum, “Tsuglagkhang” Temple, and “Namgyal Gompa”. It is high security zone, where guard properly check through your body and bags before entering the complex. As a ritual, Pilgrims come to do a circuit around the complex, spinning the prayer wheels as they walk. All you have to go around clockwise manner to see whole temple, even you have got to move prayer wheels clockwise, these all Buddhist rituals is known as “Kora”. Strictly cameras and phone on switch on mode is not allowed while teaching is going on.

Entire complex is tranquil and serene, one has to go around very clockwise to relish each part of the temple. Once you come out of “Tsuglagkhang”, you will find bazaar, you can easily find lot of eateries and souvenirs shops. Personally I would like to suggest don’t buy momos to eat, as I had made mistake, thought I would have yummy momos as being Tibetan territory but momos here so costly almost it will cost 120 per plate which contains 10 momos and no worth at all what price they are selling it off. As being Delhite I can count numerous many places where we can have momos  much cheaper and palatable, so tasty so mouth-watering. Yes it is………….

Furthermore, Mcleod Ganj is enthralling, if you are planning at weekends please don’t get dropped here, make it at least one week plan to explore it thoroughly.




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