Delhi Metro: Fare Hike cost Aam Aadmi’s travel expense..!!

New Delhi: The recent decision of hike in Delhi Metro Rail Corporation’s (DMRC) fare price is taking a toll on monthly travelling allowances of Delhi commuters. The revision of prices which is recommended by the fourth Fare Fixation Committee(FFC), committee setup by the Central Government, therefore responsible for the adverse effect on aam janta’s monthly budget.

The reason stated by the officials is basically that despite of having large commuters daily, public transport providers are still not able to recover their costs. DMRC is currently under loss due to its high maintenance infrastructure. In 2015-16, the figure of Rs.470 crore managed by DMRC in the amount of losses. In 2016-17, the value was Rs.348 crore.

Due to latest increase in fare price, everyone who wants to commute more than 32km would have to pay Rs.60. It is highly imperceptible for aam janta(includes daily wage workers, lower income people’s, middle class people’s) who would lose their good amount of earnings in travelling expense. People are bound to pay extra’s which will affect their monthly household financial expenses.

Public Sector Transport authorities, like Delhi Metro bound to have adverse impact on service quality standards and even future expansions due to losses. The authority will be able to implement good and safety services to people if they are allowed to charge profitable fare’s.

Chief Minister Of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal who straight away opposed increment in metro fare price But the Centre was adamant. He also tweeted also after the official meet, “Centre should have been more considerate towards common man”.

Even Congress party member Ajay Maken along with workers held a campaign called “Kejriwal+BJP, Stop Politics, Save Metro” to oppose the decision of hike in fare’s.

Now people are illegitimate to pay high price which cost them poor services like poor frequency of metro rail, lack of air conditioning system, and low security systems.

The cost of public transports should be regulated and revision on regular basis to resolve the lack of disparity in maintenance and as well in fare hike.


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