Delhi Pollution – the new toxicity

Delhi Pollution – the new toxicity
Delhi Pollution – the new toxicity

Delhi Pollution – the new toxicity

Delhi Pollution: Delhi is inhaling pollution and Delhiites facing health problems and curse against its Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for failing to control it. But the story is somewhat different, it seems. The chemical pollutants in the air are coming mainly from the neighbouring states that are contributing to the alarming level of air quality which is ranging between 200 to 478 in different locations of Delhi.

Now the chief minister of Haryana has shot a letter to the Environment Minister Jawedkar to invite the CMs of Rajasthan, UP, Punjab and Delhi to chalk out a plan for com-batting the pollution. Minister Prakesh

Delhi, which had never seen such kind of Delhi in the last 60 years has suddenly woken up to such a calamitous state of unclean air and are finding reasons for the sudden upsurge in pollution. Delhi, in the last few years, has banned many  industries which were considered to be dangerous as chemicals emanating from them could gain entry into the atmosphere from any stage of production, testing, storage and distribution.

Delhi the new toxicity

The Delhi government has announced the closure of the school till November 5 and has declared to distributed masks for the school children free of cost.  This act was given a political complexion by putting it as a freebie to woo voters for the coming hustings next year.

Arvind Kejriwal has been asking the government now and then that the neighbouring states have to put a blanket ban on burning of leaves etc which is a major contributor towards creating the drowsy tranquility in the national capital.

Last year, hundreds of Korean masks had been sold out within two days of their arrival. The price ranged between Rs 1500 to Rs 3500.  “But how could Korea supply the masks in a voluminous quantity within a day when Delhi announced pollution had reached an alarming proportion. It meant that the Korean order had already been placed much before the announcement Delhi getting wrapped by pollution.  There is something fishy going on, said Manish Srivastava, a young techie.

Environmentalist Rakesh Khatri said that it was a tough time seeing the environmental imbalance in the national capaital.  Khatri, conducting a bird watch walk at  Okhla forest every Sunday,  said that if the pollution was not controlled, the birds in the city will per force migrate to other places.

The Delhi government has pressed a dozen water sprinklers to bring relief to the Delhiites. Memes have already started against the CM in a big way on social media which, as experts say, has become a platform only to criticise the functioning of the government.

Meanwhile, the Delhi High Court has directed the AAP government to treat as representation three PILs challenging the road rationing  odd-even scheme effective between November 4 and 15. A bench of Chief Justice D.N. Patel and Justice C.Hari Shanker directed the delhi government  to take a decision on the representation by November 5 and dispose off the pleas.

Mild rains would have been a boon at this time but the meterological department says that showers are not in the offing in near future.


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