During this summer: Power crisis hits New Delhi..!!

NEW DELHI: Delhi are now facing frequent and galling power-cuts because of negligence in the distribution of power supply. As Delhi sizzles under the sweltering heat, there seems to be no respite for Delhities. And to make matters worse were the long power cuts in certain parts of the national capital. Locals have been facing problems due to the prolonged power cuts. Amid power crisis the city’s hunger for power has broken all records as total power consumed in the month of may and june has been the highest ever for Delhi. Meanwhile, political parties are blaming each other for the power crisis.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi faces a big challenge meeting the growing demands for reliable and affordable power and water. North India has endured a heat wave in the last week, with temperatures in some parts of Delhi reaching a 62-year high. The surge in demand from residents cranking up their air conditioning, and damage to power lines during a recent storm has overwhelmed the grid, sparking outages across North India and forcing Delhi to introduce emergency power-saving measures.

Piyush Goyal (Minister of state for power, coal, and new and renewable energy) said in a recent press conference that, “Clearly the power grid as it stands today is outdated, needs augmentation and modernization and may repeatedly have outages and tripping problems. He said engineers in Delhi were working 24 hours a day to fix broken lines, while the government has ordered Gail India Ltd to provide extra gas to a huge plant near the city functioning at a fifth of its capacity.”

The people of Delhi will have to survive the month of June in restlessness as the temperature is expected to rise and there is a power crisis in the national capital. It will take at least 20-25 days to solve this problem, which means it will be next to impossible this month to find a solution to the power crisis said by the Lieutenant Governor. As far as we see the demand for electricity was 3600 MW on Sunday morning whereas it was 3900 MW on Tuesday.  Similarly, the maximum requirement of electricity on Sunday was 4286 MW which increased to 5191 MW on Tuesday morning.

As we know that whatever the reasons coming up by different political parties leaders whether it is BJP, AAP or Congress, we can’t ignore the situation that because of this power crisis people are suffering in this summer where temperature is recorded as high as in previous years and the government need to take a step to increase the power supply as soon as they can for their janta. It’s time the new government takes the bull by its horns and solves the problem rather than keep passing the buck. It’s time they get rid of the syndrome of passing the buck and redress the challenges like grown-up people. Despite all this, a relaxation in the current situation seems impossible because we all know the fact that the demand for electricity in Delhi was high on Monday as compared to Saturday and Sunday.


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