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NEW DELHI: Europe is one of the best continent to look around for many fantasies which seem unknown. The place held large chunks of tourist destinations that yet to be discovered by us. Europe is a part of western part of Eurasia and it held 50 countries within itself. Europe is one of the most loved spot by tourist and contains epitome of world heritage sites. Here are brief description on ideal places from all around Europe :-

  1. Czech Republic – PRAGUE

Prague is the largest city and capital of Czech Republic which is located on the Vltava River. It is 14th largest city in Europe. Main Attraction of the city is due to a number of famous cultural attractions which include: The Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, The Astronomical Clock and The Petřín Hill and many more. The Temperature of Prague remains cold throughout the year. July is considered as the hottest month

Prague is also famous for its cuisine. A traditional Bohemian Platter and Czech Beer Festival are very famous.


  1. France – PARIS

Paris is the capital of France, and the city attracts people by its pleasing culture which comprises of museums, festivals, arts, music, food and other entertainments. Paris is the home for various landmarks and cultural attractions like Louvre de museum, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and many other alluring attractions. The climate of Paris is moderate which is influenced by sea. Paris is not only famous for it’s but also for its relishing cuisines. France has produced many great cuisines like wines. Baguette, Macarons and many other savoring dishes can be enjoyed in paris.


  1. Germany – BERLIN

Berlin is the capital of Germany and is the largest city. Berlin is located on the banks of river spree and Havel in northeastern Germany. Berlin is famous for its scenic beauty, diverse architecture, high quality of living and nightlife. Berlin experiences cold winters, summers, and mild spring and autumn. Reichstag Building, Brandenburg Gate, Museum Island, victory column are some of the points of interest which attracts many tourist around the world. Berlin also have a variety of cuisines, some of them are Pretzels, Currywurst, and Berliner Pfannkuche.


  1. Italy – ROME

Rome is the largest city which is also the capital of Italy. It is located in the central-western part of the country. This city is famous for its many amazing things including its monuments, religion, artifacts and many more astonishing things. Climate of Rome is temperate with warm summers and cold winters.  The home of pope of Roman Catholic Church is the Vatican City which is confined in roman boundaries with fully independent government. Rome city has many ancient and wonderful monuments like Pantheon, Diocletian’s Palace and Colosseum one of the seven wonders of ancient world attracts many tourists. Rome is also famous all around the world for its delicious pasta.


  1. Spain – MADRID

Madrid is the capital city of Spain and also the third largest city in The Europe. The headquarters of world tourism Organization is located in Madrid. Madrid experiences a colder climate as compared to other parts of the Spain. Madrid is known for its modern infrastructure but it has also preserved many historical landmarks like Royal Palace of Madrid, The Royal theatre, Plaza Mayor and Plaza the Cibeles. Churros con Chocolate, Pincho de Tortila, Huevos Rotos are some of the most famous and savouring dishes of Madrid.

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