Farmers break their patience, government plays mischief

Line by - Nitin Saxena

Farmers peaceful protest before 64 days 

New Delhi: It is sheer common sense to understand that the farmers who are now being accused for the mayhem created at Red Fort and outside Delhi Police headquarters were actually a peaceful lot. Why would they create a ruckus on the Republic Day? It has to be found out who gave the permission to the tractor-parade to enter Delhi and why was the Commissioner of Police report that their entry could turn violent was ignored?  Were the farmers who had sat peacefully braving the winter chill for the last 64 days would suddenly become violent?

The farmers were staging a protest march to highlight the helpless condition that would befall them if the agricultural laws were not repealed. Since the government was dilly-dallying solution to their demand, the farmer went for a peaceful sit-in blocking the traffic to Delhi.

When their demand for a tractor-parade was conceded to, the farmers felt that their demand for a rollover of the agricultural laws would be highlighted in a better way and would result in concrete decision.

But shockingly, the contrary happened.  Violence and defiling of the Red Fort. A shameless act which, as rumours are taking rounds, was the handiwork of Home Minister for pressurising the Delhi police chief to allow the tractor-convoy to enter into Delhi.

The intelligence agencies also failed in assessing the mood of the dissenters among the farmers.

Police sources say that police chief Srivastava and other top brass of the police had assessed the mood of the farmers, particularly those of the youngsters whose angst would expose violently on slight provocation. But the question is why was Section 144 imposed at some places from the night of January 25? How did the tractor convoy reach ITO and Red Fort?  Why did the police not prevent them from moving almost 10 kilometres inside from the outer ring road?

There are hundreds of questions that will remain unanswered and the Indian news television channels will come up with lopsided coverage accusing the farmers for having defiled the red fort and putting the nation to shame.

After braving the chills and talks for the rollover of the agricultural laws failed, the patience of the farmers broke away turning the  rally into a show of contempt and vengeance against the government.

Now when the farmers unrest became violent on Delhi streets, particularly outside Delhi Police headquarters, the baton wielding policemen could not do much against the armed Sikh ‘miscreants’ who also sped their tractors to mow down them.

It looked as if the Delhi CP had no power but to succumb to the Home Minister’s call who, it is evident, could not foresee the danger that Delhi would encounter once the blue coloured kurta donned ‘nihangs’ would do.

The Home Minister may take this event as an opportunity to mislead India into believing that the farmers were having militant followers among them which the media had been hinting about.

Chttrapal Singh from Muzzafarnagar said that they had been stopped at ITO from going further.  They were peacefully stationed on one side of the carriageway when suddenly he saw lots of farmers gheroing a bus full of cops.  They all were from Punjab, it seems as most of them were wearing turbans.

Delhi Police has filed an FIR mentioning the names of farmer leaders including Rakesh Tikait, Buta Singh Burjgil for breach of NOC issued regarding the tractor convoy but there is no mention of Deep Sandhu who is considered to be close to the government and was responsible for inciting the young farmers to attack the police and install the religious flag on the ramparts of Red Fort.

Intelligence agencies had failed miserably in detailing the Delhi police of the impending danger and   India saw the peasant power to its maximum with over tens of  thousands of farmers atop their tractors breaching the police barricades, facing baton-beating and tear gassing, entered Delhi to press for repealing the recently formulated agricultural laws and hoisted a religious flag on the ramparts of Red Fort which is the venue for the national flag unfurling every year on the country’s independence day.

Meanwhile, over 200 people have been detained for  interrogation and further investigations will be conducted by the Crime Branch.

What is most surprising is the rally sponsored by Rashtraya Swyam Sevak was being taken out at 3 pm for collecting money for building the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya.  This rally had been taken out in Mayur Vihar covering the Akshardham on its return journey.


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