FUKREY RETURNS Movie Review: Fukra Boys are back on screens and gained superb response on Box Office..!!

CAST: Pulkit Samrat, Varun Sharma, Manjot Singh, Ali Fazal, Richa Chadha, Priya Anand, Vishakha Singh, Pankaj Tripathi.

DIRECTION: Mrighdeep Singh Lamba.

PRODUCTION: Excel Entertainment

GENRE: Comedy, Thriller.

DURATION: 2 hours 15 minutes.

NEW DELHI: The clan of Fukrey boys is back again with their bewitching chemistry and hilarious parody in their latest upcoming film “Fukrey Returns“. We all aware of the usual amused characters that was played by Pulkit Samrat as Hunny, Varun Sharma as Choocha, Manjot Singh as Lali, Ali Fazal as Zafar, Richa Chadda as Bholi Punjaban, Priya Anand as Priya, Pankaj Tripathi as Panditji and Vishakha Singh are playing promising roles. Fukrey returns is a second edition of the most fun loved and entertained movie Fukrey which was released in 2013.

The story continues from where the Bholi(Richa Chadda) went to jail for her criminal activities and fukra boys were behind for her imprisonment in the first edition of the film. Now, she is out from jail and the sequel is about Bholi’s revenge on fukra boys and how they once again trapped by her and their dream to become richy rich personalities. Don’t worry if you haven’t watched or have forgotten the first edition plot, then there is no need to watch it again because the director clearly describes the entire story in the opening credits.

The plot is all about how Bholi(Richa Chadda) is highly disappointed with her prison adventure due to which she is bankrupt and broken. Now when she is out from her earlier sufferings by using political affluence; she wants lots of money from fukra boys and want to use their weird idea of making money. Choocha(Varun) has a bizarre power which makes him the main asset of the plot. Choocha has extremely bizarre dream power; Hunny(Pulkit) uses his dreams and interprets the logic behind it to win huge amount from lottery system. All four of them come around to support and help each other. In this sequel, Choocha is still an imbecile who never uses his brain and want to have luxurious and comfortable environment without putting efforts. Bholi(Richa) once again plots against all four of fukra boys and uses specially Choocha for his special skills to gain power and money. But for making big amount by illegal process, you need to dig deeper and in that process you make new enemies.

Once again Choocha (Varun Sharma) gained the most of limelight of the film by his lame and hilarious one liners and jokes such as he calls deja vu as deja chu and goa as goya as it is picturised in the trailer itself. The united bond between Choocha(Varun) and Hunny(Pulkit) has immensely gained the content and gives meaning to brotherhood by showing their lameness towards each other. Also Lali(Manjot) and Zafar(Ali) dignified their characters by playing major roles in the film and supporting the content truthfully. Bholi Punjaban(Richa) is leading the role of a strong women who comes out in front to challenge the fukra boys and make their life miserable once again.

Director and the stars in the movie has given their best in the movie and has produced a good and entertaining comedy movie after a long time. Music, scenes and situation in the film has been synced greatly. And According to the viewers it is one of super entertaining comedy film of the year. Directed by Mrighdeep Singh Lamba and produced by Farhan Akhtar & Ritesh Sidhwani. Released on 8th December 2017..!!

Go and Enjoy the comedy sequel at your nearest cinema’s..!!


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