Goa:- An amazing beach town for vacations..!!

Goa is a well known place for its beautiful and famous beaches in India

NEW DELHI: “GOA” is the smallest Indian state and much visited tourist place. Goa is a well known place for its beautiful and famous beaches in India with many impressive landscapes, monuments and churches. Goa is also popular for its astonishing nightlife. Goa is chosen as one of the top holiday destinations in India by tourist. Goa attracts tourist in large numbers from all around the globe.

Goa’s state capital Panaji and Vasco De Gamma its largest city with many heritage sites and religious churches are some points of interests. Goa has rich flora and fauna which makes it a perfect biodiversity hotspot. Goa has a diverse culture due to its wide history.

Goa’s geographical features and its climate make it a beautiful destination place. Goa experiences a tropical monsoon climate. It lies near the Arabian Sea and being in a tropical region it has summery and humid climate throughout the year.

This amazing place has lot to offer you can find number of options for accommodations according to you budget. You can find luxury hotels, budget resorts and cheap hotel packages. Goa can be visited by Air, Rail and Road. It is well connected with other parts of India through all types of transport system. October – March is the best time to visit this pleasing beach town. During this time of the year the sea are calmed and weather is very pleasing which makes your vacations to this beach town more comfortable, memorable and delightful.

Goa’s cuisines are considered as most delectable. Goa has produced an authentic collection of dishes.

Bebinca: – It is multilayered cake and most popular sweet dish of Goa. It is made from coconut, egg, milk, sugar, and ghee.

Fish curry Rice: – It is the tradition Goan meal. The curry’s yellowish colour gives it a beautiful texture and is served with hot steamed rice.

Feni: – This is the most famous alcohol of Goa. There are two types of feni, one is made from cashew and the other one from coconut. Usually people prefer feni made from cashew.

Xucati, Chicken Cafreal, Sorpotel, Ambot Tik are also famous in this beach town.





Goa has some world heritage sites like Bom Jesus Basillica and churches. Goa’s architecture is a mixture of Indian, portugese and Islamic. Goa’s culture is an amalgamation of both Western and Eastern styles. Christmas, Easter and Carnival are some prominent local festivals. English, Hindi, Konkani, Marathi and Portugese are the Languages which are spoken in Goa due to its diverse culture.

Vehicle rentals: In Goa you can hire cars of your own choice. You can also rent bikes, scooters and bicycles, it’s another famous and inexpensive option. The charges for two wheelers are reasonably low and it is best way of seeing the Goa on your own.

Happy Vacation..!!



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