Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Elections 2017: Acceptance of Power and Political Dominance leads to BJP win..!!

NEW DELHI: Gujarat  and Himachal Pradesh Assembly Elections of 2017 had a major breakthrough for all the competing parties which targeted their voters in an immense way by performing huge rallies. The counting of voters determined their perceptive by giving the majority in the hands of BJP. It was a very pivotal decision for both “aam janta” and “political parties” after two major changes that would have taken place by BJP government, which is demonetization and GST Bill. It is 2-0 clear sweep to BJP for acquiring both the states by their clear political dominance and showing fantastic notions about government plans.

For BJP, it is a situation of a pure conquest where they succeeded to gain seats and partly affecting the consistency of Congress once again by sweeping clear victory against other political parties. This time also BJP won maximum seats in both states but decidedly shown lower margins supremacy.

The BJP has won 99 seats in Gujarat out of 182 seats which is a complete maximum number as compared to Congress which is still stepping towards the higher numbers in the valuation.

*Table below shown – Party Wise Vote Share

*Pie chart shown – Distribution of Gujarat Voters

In Himachal Pradesh, BJP has won 44 seats out of 68 seats whereas the Congress has a share of 21 seats. Both Amit Shah and Narendra Modi has attributed towards the diaspora of caste politics and the political memoir of Congress party which leads them to obtain lower numbers this time. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the BJP’s win in both states is a thumbs up for his government’s reforms. Congress president Rahul Gandhi conceded defeat saying his party “accepts the verdict.” This will lead BJP to help in setting their footprint and climb their ladder towards North Indian Constituencies.

*Table shown – Party Wise Vote Share

*Pie Chart Shown – Distribution of Voters in Himachal Pradesh


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