Hindi Medium Review: Irrfan Khan’s movie declared tax free..!!

NEW DELHI: Education system in India is equally challenging debate for the serving government as well as the people of the country. And one of the most crucial procedure for the parents who wanted their child to grasp every knowledgeable information in the form of education. In India, people were belong from different societal groups which leads to maintain their societal performance amongst them to live in.

Admission is the common phenomenon which provide many questionable statements for Indian Education System every year whether there are scams or breach of ethics. Admissions is a major or necessary task for parents now these days. It is a hectic procedure for the students also to score impossible numbers to get certified in one of the best institutions. There are different steps to perform like written test, verbal activities, personal and parental interviews which is effectively time consuming.

Hindi Medium is a film that briefly showcased the whole trauma from which students and parents both gone through. Indian Education system itself brings lots of challenge to deal with whether its related to limited seats, average scores or fee structure. The film is about how parents comes through different challenges who belong from different group of society. There are several issues that highly raised and fully absorbed in 2 hours 13 minutes. Raj Batra(Irrfan Khan) And Mita Batra(Saba Qamar), an upper class couple who lives in Chandni Chowk and highly maintained their social life updated according to today’s lifestyle. Raj Batra, has a well established business of fashionable clothes in Chandni Chowk where he sells original copies of highly fashionable designer clothes of different brands while his wife(Mita) wants to upgrade their status into elite society and yearning to get admission in high flying English Medium School. She gets paranoid to think about their daughter’ future who will be able to speak fluent English and adjust with highly rich elite class. They shifted from their ancestral home to a plush colony apartments to gain eliteness or classiness. Both parents went to government schools which justified their lack of English speaking skills. But Mita wants their daughter to join English medium school so that she will not go through problems which they confronted due to lack of knowing fluent English. They went to grooming classes to establish their upper class status for their child admission. Both lead actors will entertain you during whole filming by their wit, humour, and sarcastic dialogues which make you laugh and surprise you by the reality check of the society(what happens when you don’t know English perfectly).

Film will give you perfect picture that how society works under the pressure of system. Raj and Mita went to another route through poor quota admission category which will give them hope to get their daughter’s admission. For which they both went to live in a poor society with their daughter to get through the procedure of checking the originality of their poor quota. They show themselves poor in front of system to confirm their credibility in the form of gaining admission through gareeb quota system. The second half is a struggle for both parents to deal with the living conditions in poor society where lack of poor sanitation. Deepak Dobriyal gives his usual power-packed performance in the movie. He belongs to a character Shyaam who belongs to a poor society and created good relationship with Raj and Mita when they moved to their poor slum area to get identified as poor to get admission.

The movie is worth of your every single penny and it is a complete family entertainment subject. Irrfan Khan’s character brightens up your every single moment with his sarcastic comments and comedy timing. Debutant Saba Qamar, is equally charms audience by her witty character. She successfully manages to play a role of a mother who wants a secured future of her child. Amrita Singh’s character will give you a brief characterisation of a strict principal and undergone through a admission scam in one of the best school.

Lastly, film will give you a good amount of content to think about the several questions at the end which involves like, English is such a prestigious language which will give you an acknowledgement in the society to maintain your dignity and class structure accordingly. How it is important to get admission in high class schools to showcase your lavish lifestyle. The main focus is still ignorant that how elite class get admission through quota system which is exactly for poor category which causes scams or corruptions in education system.

So get your tickets and watch this extra ordinary content film in nearest theatre. The government gave approval to films like Hindi Medium which is now tax free in National Capital. Hindi Medium has won hearts not only at the theatres but at the box office too. With that, not only has Hindi Medium crossed the Rs 50 crore mark over the third weekend, but also emerged as one of the most profitable ventures of the year.



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