Holi Celebration 2018: Enjoy these scrumptious food items on this Holi..!! Happy Holi..!!

NEW DELHI: Festivals of Colour’s, one of the most popular and entertaining festivals celebrated all over India where people involve themselves in food, music, dance, drinks and most importantly colours. “Holi” is a festival of bright colours that gives meaning to your life in a way that you can enjoy every colour of your life whether its your adulthood or agedness.

Holi celebrations begin from a day before when a bonfire lit in the evening which is known as Holika Dahan. And the next day, the festivity of colours followed as Rang waali holi where people put colorful rang on each other. Holi festival is one of the biggest and eventful festive season in India which brings people together from different groups and communities.

Holi symbolizes, the idea of goodness over evilness. Holi marks the end of winter and the arrival of spring season. It is also celebrated as a thanks giving festival for good harvesting. Public personalities from television and film fraternity throws parties for their friends and colleagues to celebrate the festival in full enthusiasm.

It is the festival that gives you an opportunity to taste the different kinds of delicacies which includes snacks, cool drinks and sweets. People visits their families and friends, children’s throw water balloons on each other, play different games and dance on bollywood songs. Food is the most important part of Holi celebration where everyone make fancy dishes at home and throw feast bash among their known ones. We will like to enlighten our readers about some famous delicacies that is a part of Holi.

Best Indian traditional delicacies to explore, specially for Holi festivity:


  • Gujiyas

Gujiya’s are sweet and delectable dumplings and is specially prepared at home. It is one of the famous sweet dish of Rajasthan state. It is made from the stuffing of khoya, suji and dry fruits and layered with maida. These days people also buy from sweet shops that gives them different varieties.


  • Besan Papads 

If you want crispiness in your Holi celebration, this is the best and easy to eat. People make these at home specially Aaloo chips and besan/rice papads. It is light and easy to grab as a snack.


  • Thandai

It is a traditional and refreshing cool drink which is greatly popular in northern parts of India. It is said that, thandai gives you heavenly feeling in summer that refreshes your mood instantly. It is made up of milk, dry fruits and spices. “Bhang Thandai” which is a unique and chilled beverage served during Holi that is made up of an intoxicating substance(weed) called “Marijuana”.


  • Dahi Bhalla

Dahi Bhalla, popularly known as one of the authentic snacks which is served in north India. It is basically Vadas(round shape dumplings made up of urad dal) which is served with chilled yogurt and chutneys.


  • Bhang Pakora

It is crispy, crunchy and fried snack which is reserved for the special occasions like Holi. It is a unique food item from Rajasthan state. These are made up of chopped crunchy onions, chopped potatoes, and bhang leaves(Marijuana weed) which is dipped in gram flour batter and after that it is deep fried in oil and it is best served with green chutney of fresh coriander leaves.


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