International Yoga Day 2017 celebrated today all across the world..!!

NEW DELHI: “Yoga is not a religion. It is a science, science of well-being, science of youthfulness, science of integrating body, mind and soul.” – Amit Ray.

Yoga was originated in India. Yoga is been practiced since ancient times.  The word Yoga is derived from Sanskrit word YUJ which means union. Some people say Yoga is an ancient art of controlling mind and body. Some people say it is a method of overcoming from suffering and to find inner peace. There are many definitions of yoga but its ultimate goal is liberation which means Moksha in Hindi. The Advantages of yoga are numerous. In 19 century Swami Vivekananda actively educated the western world about the yoga. Since then The Yoga is been practiced almost in every part of the world. Yoga has been studied and promoted for many years.

International Yoga Day is celebrated on 21st June. The idea of establishing 21st June as International Yoga day was proposed by Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi.  193 members of United Nations General Assembly supported his idea. On 27 September 2014 Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the International Yoga Day while addressing The General Assembly of UN. First International Yoga day was celebrated on 21st June 2015. On this day the Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself celebrated this day at Rajpath in Delhi with thousands of people and respected dignitaries. More than thirty thousand of people participated to practice Yoga. According to the Guinness World Record, this was the largest Yoga Class. Since then the International yoga Day is been celebrated all over the world.


This year also Prime Minister Narendra Modi practiced Yoga with army officers in Lucknow. International Yoga Day is celebrated throughout the country. Navy officers practiced yoga on ships to celebrate Yoga Day. Army officers in Ladakh also practiced yoga in cold chilly winds. People gathered in many numbers to perform yoga. More than 180 Countries celebrated yoga Day.


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