Isle of Man TT’17: Racers speeding their lives on Deadliest Track..!!

“To be a great motorbike racer, the most important thing is passion for the bike” – Valentino Rossi

Isle of Man TT: The International motorcycle Race (The Isle Of Man Tourist Trophy) event is annually conducted on The Isle Of Man between The Mid-Year (May-June).Perhaps this is the most dangerous race on the face of earth first held in 1907. Since 1907 The Isle Of Man Tourist Trophy is conducted once a year, for six days.


Motorcycle admirers from all over the world gather to the racing mecca to watch this spectacular race event.This is the most unpredictable and high risking race in the history of motorcycle racing, In its 107 years of existence there is been 242 deaths on this tricky and challenging track. This challenging track demands immense concentration, bravery and skills of the racers.

Every year the race and scenic beauty of the island attracts people in huge numbers. The 37 mile loop circuit race event is organized on the mountain course which includes tricky dips and challenging curves. The roaring of the high pitched engine is heard all across the island during the few days of May-June. The entrants must have a FIM Sponsors License for street racing. The rewards for winning on this track are no like other. Winning the trophy of this historic race is like becoming a legend in the career of motorcycle racing.


Charles R Collier won the First Isle of Man TT in 1907.William Joseph Dunlop was the world champion motorcyclist who won The Isle of Man TT 26 times with three times in a row. These are some names which are considered gods of this historic race. John McGuinness inscribed his name on the tt trophy 23 times.

William Joseph Dunlop

Many racers have lost their lives on this dangerous track. Guy Martin Crashed in 2010 while racing. His bike wrecked in the accident and there were violent flames of fire. But he was lucky enough to survive that horrific incident.

Last year in 2016 BMW pilot Michael Dunlop broke many records and set new. The Racers are given few days for practice before the actual racing to learn about the tracks carefully. The world’s most dreadful racing is scheduled from 27th May 2017 – 9th June 2017.

Therefore, performers still awaits for this most promising, engaging, qualifying, & highly octane racing championship which comes across every year whereas it will lead to engage the great amount of indulging audience from different parts of the world.




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