Its official now – Extended lockdown till May 3

Extended lockdown till May 3

Extended lockdown till May 3 by PM Modi

NEW DELHI:  Appreciating the cooperation and the dedicated sacrifice of the citizens of the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially extended the lockdown till May 3, the decision which he said was based on the feedback of the Chief Ministers of the different states and the India people themselves.

He said that it was a challenge and the lockdown should be strictly adhered to and stringent measures will be taken till April 20.  A feedback will be continually taken and analyised over a lot of districts to see its progress chart.

Appealing to the people to follow the guidelines and rules strictly, he said that effort was being made to issue a new list of relaxations against the backdrop of the financial crunch that the daily wagers and the farmers are facing as it the harvest time.

He also said that the supply chain was being improved so that the essential supplies are not affected.

Facemask, social distancing, and precautions are a must, the Prime minister appealed to the companies not to terminate the employees and said that it was the time to keep alive the nation.

He said that he was aware of the various problems pertaining to commuting, food etc faced by the people but was all in salute to them. The collective strength to fight the COVID 19 was a reminder of B.R.Amdekar’s strength and selfless services towards the country.

Listing the firsts of India which included the screenings of people landing at the airports, malls etc, the prime minister said that preventive steps were taken very early and that paid rich dividends in restricting the spread.  “It is in a comfortable zone,” he said and added that India, if compared, with other countries, stands better due to the holistic approach.

The economic downfall is too little a loss in comparison to the lives that could have been lost in the war against COVID 19.  All have been responsible in doing their duties 24×7 but the speed with which COVID 19 is spreading across the world, is a fearsome thing to think of.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not taken into consideration the numerous appeals to the government for the 50 per cent discount on the bills during the period of April to May.  Maybe the announcement comes later.

People in India are now ready to go for a longer period of lockdown as they have realized that social distancing is one of the most forceful tools to contain the COVID 19 and most of the people are expecting that the spill-over of today’s announcement for lockdown extension may enter May too but with certain relaxations.

The middle class is expecting lots of relief from the government thinking that the powers that be are already aware of the problems being faced by them.



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