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NEW DELHI: While Delhi police is earning lots of laurels from all over the city, the Kamla Market police station deserves a bit more patting. At the initiative of its Station House Officer Inder Kumar Jha, the police is in full swing between noon and 1’0’clock serving food to the area daily wagers and destitutes.  The exercise is repeated in the evening too.

Most of the police personnel come out and regulate the food-seekers to form a line with one metre gap before they are served food.  The local ‘halwai’ has been pressed into service to cook the lunch and dinner.  The lunch mainly consists of one main dish and fluffy fried ‘puris’.

The locals of the area also help them in monitoring the physical distance guidelines.  The police said that over 1000 people are served meals for lunch.  The police here is very strict about hygiene.  They have decided to serve the meals themselves. “Carona virus will go and people will forget but the role of Kamla Market police station will always be remembered,” constable Mahesh Kumar said and added that it was his duty to see that nobody on the road in the area should be left without having meals.

While the work done by Delhi police during the shutdown period is commendable, but nobody has mentioned the stress and extra duty hours that are putting in and that too merely as part of their duty.

Sources said that most of the policemen were unhappy about the one-day cut from their salary as they claimed that their contribution of extra hours and risking their lives guarding the containment area was much more a feat though they considered it as a part of duty.  “But now with this one-day salary cut, it will be taxing,” said a policeman on the condition of anonymity.

Some of the policemen pointed out to the non-availability of a mobile toilet to avail of the facility in areas that had no public conveniences.  “we are in a colony that has societies all around and during the lockdown, we do have a difficulty to ease out,” a policeman said without disclosing his identity.  Many of the constables were not having a conveyance and in an event of a call of nature, it was difficult as they were duty-bound and were not allowed to leave the spot.

But during the shutdown, the Ghaziabad police reportedly has turned insensitive to the people living in the area.  This happened in Ramprasth colony two days ago when a journalist returned to his house in the evening and took his wife to buy some essentials.  When they came back and were parking, an innova PCR came and asked the journalist what he was doing with a girl. Two more cops surrounded the car and started peeping into it.  The journalist showed him his ID card and that was enough for them to flee. But later the couple realized that the rear tyre had been pierced. What a way to serve the people


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