Life threatening game challenge on social media: Blue Whale

NEW DELHI: Blue Whale Game is buzzing these days all over social media for not so good reasons at all. It is believed to be a suicidal game which is administered by some bunch of people’s on Internet. In this game, there are participants to be given several tasks during a 50 day period in which series of tasks would be assigned to complete. Each day, there is one task would be given to the player and take some photos/videos to share online. Final showdown of game will come across with final challenge which require to commit suicide of the player.

The challenge was started in the secret groups on Russian social media networks. From which, it was gone viral in some days and create huge blow amongst teenagers. There are alarming tasks which include watching horror movies, getting up at odd hours, strike self harm, like cutting himself with broken pieces of glass and mark their hands with some alphabets. There are many young teenagers who involved in this life threatening game from across the world like countries India, Brazil, Italy, China, Italy, United States, Spain, Portugal, Saudi Arabia and much more.

This game challenge has led to major suicide attempts from youngsters while performing for the last and final task, that is, kill yourself. There is still uncertainty that how a participant get involved with this game whether it would a an app or  some social media like facebook or Instagram. While some of them said that you have to post some status like #bluewhalechallenge, #curatorfindme, #i_am_whale, these are the hashtags which will shown as an interest of sign to the unanimous creator.

It is still undefined that how this game taking his huge place on internet because there are no signs to join through some known source. It is verified by families of loved ones who attempted suicides while completing tasks that they had been informed by their members about this. The origin of this game is founded in Russia and reportedly 130 deaths certified and two arrests under this case.


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