Lockdown in India: Women beggars are demanding supply of free milk for their kids.


Lockdown in India for Covid-19

NEW DELHI: The 21 days lockdown announced by PM Narendra Modi on 24th March, 2020 created a panic in whole country. The shutdown in India has severely impacted the poor section; this has created a problem for the neediest section of the society. Daily workers and beggars are affected the most as they do not have further means to support their necessary daily needs for survival. Many of them are stuck in different parts of the country as they cannot travel to their home due to the shutdown in whole country.
When the shutdown was announced people who were working in Delhi on daily wages wanted to return to their homes, people gathered in masses to move out of the capital to go to their families.
For these people state and central government have been doing arrangements so that they can stay wherever they are right now. Sheltering and food are being provided to these people on daily bases. Many government properties such as schools have been transformed in to shelter houses. But these shelters are overflowing. Many families in the slum areas are becoming anxious as they are running low on food.  Poor women and beggars with their small children are also affected.  Women with their infants do not have necessary means to provide the necessary nutrients to their babies.
When the team of News Disk talked to them on ground level, they expressed that government is doing a good deed by providing them with two meals a day but due to shutdown they do not have the money to provide milk for their children and “Milk is essential for a growing infant”, these women are requesting the government to provide milk for their children.

Chandni Chowk is one of the busiest places in Delhi. For past one year the area is having a facelift. Usually the place is filled with crowd and always has so much hustle bustle going on but now during the days of the lockdown the area is completely silent with peaceful sounds of birds. With no earning and nothing to do people are having a fun time on the streets of main Chandini Chowk by playing cricket.
Due to total Lockdown in the national capital small shopkeepers and street vendors are also hampered. Mostly like tea stalls, fruits and vegetable sellers. Some tea stalls are still running like one in Lajpat Rai market providing 30 millilitres of small cup of tea for Rs.10. But the poor people there are not being able to buy such small things as they are unemployed and do not have the sufficient money.


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