McLeod Ganj….A Land of Dalai Lama..!!


NEW DELHI: Divinity comes out from within when one is in the temple of the Dalai Lama at Dharamshala in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh surrounded by high columbines and hollyhocks This is because of the feeling of oneness with the nature when you step into this temple clearing your mind and evaporating your worries.  This is the magic of Dalai Lama’s temple also called Tsuglakhang.

Famous for its beauty. There are many large statues of Buddha, Avaloktwshwara, Pamasambhava and others. You can also find numerous ancient books related to the religion. People visit this temple for meditating and rituals. Once you enter the main area of the temple, you can find people praying and chanting with prayer wheels or prayer wheels. Some people take a relaxed morning walk or evening walk around the temple

The prayer wheel tempts to take a round of the temple while touching it continually.  The chimes that play give a sound of stillness and calm.


Here inside the temple as long as you desire. People meditating with prayer beads. You can purchase those from the stalls inside the complex. You can always speak with the lamas inside the temple to learn about meditation.

Turning prayer wheels

Prayer wheels are rotating cylindrical wheels with Tibetan prayer mantras inscribed on it. As people walk around the temple, they push the wheels to rotate it. It is a part of the rituals of this temple.


There is a large library inside the temple. Tourists can read from the collections in the reading area. Very few books have English translation in this collection.


Within the temple complex, you can find a small museum. It holds rare photograms of Dalai Lama, Tibetan culture, martyrs and others. This museum is found near the entry gate. There are also pictures of how Dalai Lama escaped from Tibet. A short video about the culture is played in the museum.

McLeod Ganj Market

A small market selling religious books, and lots of eating joints including that of momos.



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