Newly installed disinfecting-tunnel at I Azadpur Sabzi Mandi I not working

Azadpur Sabzi Mandi Delhi

Azadpur Sabzi Mandi : Newly installed disinfecting-tunnel

NEW DELHI:  The Delhi government that installed the disinfecting-tunnel at the main gate of the wholesale vegetable and fruit market at Azadpur in north Delhi three days ago stopped functioning after two days making the whole sale market as vulnerable as it was before.

As it is a fruit seller, who was COVID-19 positive died on April 21.  The area around his shop has been cordoned off.  The  entire market housing more than a thousand shops had remained vulnerable without maintaining any physical distance particularly at the peak hours in the morning for the last 25 days since the lockdown was imposed.

The disinfecting-tunnel that was installed soon after this News Disk exposed the vulnerability 10 days ago, the The Delhi government did the needful  and , as a PR exercise, tipped the press too to highlight it. But after functioning just a bit more than 20 hours, it stopped functioning because of a technical snag.  The sprayers did not work nor did the sensors.

The civil defence service staff, on the condition of anonymity, said that  the tunnel  started malfunctioning  after two hours but somehow it kept spraying for two days. “Now it is all gone and the repair will take atleast a day,”, he claimed.

The police was also not aware of the its non-functioning.

The question that arises is how come a small tunnel that is not more than  eight feet in length and two feet wide could cater to 2000 customers thronging the market at various times in the day.  The over a dozen civil defence service personnel  were also not very vigilant in checking customers.

While Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal  was busy in promoting himself in displaying his big size pictures on the tunnel and the imported disinfecting mobile machines that had been procured for this purpose ,  he did not ask his staff to monitor  the functioning of such machines.

The Daryganj wholesale vegetable market has been granted five hours for business in the morning while the smaller markets of vegetables are being shut by 3 pm everyday which include that of Trilokpuri and Kotla in South Delhi.


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