Priyanka’s entry amidst fumes of speculations..!!


NEW DELHI: After long time now it becomes a reality that Ms Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has joined the active politics amid much fanfare. Though she has proved her political abilities during past elections when she used to campaign as a star pracharak in UP but confined herself in the constituencies of mother and brother Rahul Gandhi. Now a great volume of discussion has been started in the country about her timing of entry into serious political business ahead of the general election.

At the time when stage was almost set for the coming general election, the entry of Priyanka Gandhi has created much furor among the political circle as of now political battle were moving around two political opponents, PM Narendra Modi and congress president Rahul Gandhi. Few days ago there were huge public rally organized by the West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Bannerji in Kolkata, showcasing the united Mahagathbandhan, where congress also showed its solidarity.

Till then, No one was informed about congress firm decision about their master stroke. Perhaps they kept this ‘Turrup ka Ekka’ in their selves and waiting for the timely release. As soon as the news broken out the discussion and prediction bazaars are moving on another level. It might shocked the ruling BJP but it also surprised the entire political friends of congress party. In spite of congress wining spree in the recent assembly elections, most of the regional parties showed reluctance over this fact. It gives clear indication in the final seat sharing stint between SP-BSP coalitions.

They have given little weightage to the congress. It is badly affect the think tank of the congress party. Ethically and as an alliance of united opposition Congress has no choice to fight the battle on its own capabilities in the politically important state of Uttar Pradesh. Probably the negation from SP-BSP alliance in UP compels congress to put up Priyanka Gandhi in East UP and Jyotiratiya Scindia for West UP as political in charge.

It cannot be ruled out that the name of Priyanka Gandhi being hurled into the much crucial battle of 2019 in a sudden spate or without thinking over the political ambit as they are the party to enjoy the most of emerging situations. As expected, BJP gave another twist to the appointment of Mrs Gandhi. In their observations it is nothing but the steps taken in hurry seeing the apparent defeat in the coming election. Some of BJP leaders voiced that this is failure of Rahul Gandhi as a President of the party. However across the nation people are debating over the inclusion of congress new brass ambassador and visualizing her role ahead of the election.

People will see this deadly combination of sister-brother in the 2019 general election which is still under the dominance of Modi-factor. Amid helm of speculative affairs the society divided into different opinions. Some people feel that congress will get marginal seats after this combine where few sections opines that it could be worked out as Priyanka has inherited charisma as her grandmother Indira Gandhi possesses. However congress ‘brahamshtra’ Priyanka certainly bound the BJP thinkers to prepare fresh strategies to counter the so called Aandhi. On the other hand united front will also give second thought while finalizing the political equations in their seat sharing process in the different states.


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