Haryana Election – Public hai, yeh sab jaanti hai..!!

Sunny Deol in Haryana Election campaign
Sunny Deol in Haryana Election campaign

Haryana Election

Haryana Election Narnaud, Hisar: The Bharaitya Janata Party  has reduced its actor turned politician Sunny Deol to a mere dialogue delivery man for its campaign in Haryana.  Sunny Deol is delivering his popular dialogues , ‘tparikh pe tarikh’ in the recent campaigning in Haryana slated for assembly elections on October 21.

Remember ‘tarikh’ (date) 21 October, he yells on the microphone, wooing voters to come out on that day in sizeable number to cast their votes. He is campaigning for the sitting Haryana minister, an ex-army officer, Captain  Abhimanyu who is seeking  re election from Narnaud in Hisar district. Allegations are reportedly ripe of corruption against him as his assets have more than doubled in the last five years from Rs 77.36 to Rs 170.41 crore as stated while filing his nomination this month.

No questions have been raised against his financial leap as he claims that his income is from agriculture, transport business, rents and so on which the powers that be have never tried to probe.

Political parties have been using the renowned artistes from Hindi film industry as their star campaigners for the last thirty years but it is time they should realise that the people see the Mumbai film industry actors  as just crowd-pullers.

The electorate does not get swayed by the political gimmicks and the actors know that they are being used.  But the political game is such that both the players are in a win-win situation.  The actor is never reprimanded for not attracting the desired votes for the politician he is campaigning for.

Gurdaspur MP Sunny Deol has not been able to carve out his own identity in the constituency but is mostly refered to as actor Dharmendra’s  son and while campaigning here, the crowd generally asks him to mouth the Gadar film’s dialogues which he happily does. “Hindustan Zindabad tha, hai aur rahega” to a resounding applause. The right of voting and not sharing to whom the electorate will vote for rests with the voters.


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