Rahul Gandhi slams Modi govt on GST, stated as “badly conceived” for Indian Economy..!!

NEW DELHI: In Indian politics, we all are aware of stating facts without knowing the ground reports that gives you actual look out of real state. The conflict between several parties over GST bill and Demonetisation which leads to gives us multiple views over it from various leaders stating its benefits or drawbacks of it. GST is still expected to be a gamechanger for leading as well as opposition party but with discreet aspect.

The war of words between two most prominent leaders began when PM Modi efficiently counts on the benefits of Good and Service Taxation bill at recent consumer protection conference. Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that by giving this taxation bill to India, we will increase the competition due to modification in prices which will directly benefit welfare of consumers. He said that it will lead to be a big revolution which highly support every individual which involves middle class, lower middle class and the poor. The PM also comes in defence to refer that GST is a pro-poor and pro-middle class frame to set an positive impression for attackers who are protesting against it whereas coming elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh has led to Modi pointing out the involvement of Congress in the taxation. Modi’s defence mechanism has led to state that those parties who are criticising the current government over GST taxation bill are equally gave their confirmation on this.
Afterwards Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi lashes PM Modi for giving people GST bill as “badly conceived” notion while addressing the annual general meeting of PHD Chamber of Commerce last evening. He added, “the way this regime is working – or not working – has led to a double tab killing of the Indian Economy. Commandos in a hostage situation fire what is called a double tab – two quick shots fired in the chest to ensure that their devil’s target is down, is dead.” He stated that people considered PMModi their leader over three years ago which gave them faith of a vision which has ability of development of India. Now it is shattered due to unfair judgements passed under current government. He also talked about the current situation of unemployment in a very large chunk which includes that youth is not getting jobs after completing their college due to high unavailability of employment in Indian Market. As we all know that Indian people is not getting much to meet up their needed expense which is highly disappointing for Indian Economy.
Rahul Gandhi stated that this a pure man made disaster which is created by Modiji himself and it is equally termed as MMD, “Modi Made Disaster”. He include that if we are not creating jobs for youths that leads to give us good amount of network for Indian Economy. And we are not in a good position if we are not serving small, micro and medium businesses. As a matter of fact nearly 6 crores of small based enterprises are engaged in business in our country. The reality of our country is we are producing 450 jobs per day whereas China creates 50,000 jobs every single day. We need to make growth which has to includes strategy and innovative ideas in small, micro and small business which will give us equal benefit in our banking system. He concluded that, Congress party will support every individual who voice out their opinion and struggling with the current policy system under current government.
So therefore as a citizen of people, we have to decide that whether these implications make us benefical or not in long term. Are we still going to look for fullfulling our basic needs in present scenario? There are still many questions unanswered for poor people who are not getting daily wages under MGNREGA scheme or the farmers who are attempting suicide. The government have to think harder to make use of these new implications on ground level rather stating facts in surveys.


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