Rahul Gandhi warned the centre that a lockdown doesn’t defeat covid-19

Image source - INC

Lockdown in India: Rahul Gandhi Addresses Media on Coronavirus Crisis

NEW DELHI:  Congress leader Rahul Gandhi claimed that random testing should be increased and the present lockdown is not the answer to control COVID-19.  He appealed to the Prime Minister to give more teeth to the State administration.  “The strategy should be from bottom to up and not the reverse,” he said and apprehended that there will be a food shortage in near future.

It was his first video press conference during lockdown, answering a query he said that COVID-19 cannot be controlled but can be managed. He admitted that he had not spoken on the migrant issue with Congress ruled Chief Minister.

He said that he was not interested at how other countries were battling the situation, but was more concerned of how India would strategize later in the economic and food front.  He advised the government that money should be provided to the poor people.

“I have been speaking to large number of experts, both in India and abroad, as well as outside the government who have a better understanding of what is going on. We need to understand that lockdown is a pause button, it’s not a solution to coronavirus,” he further said

Touching the cases of small manufacturing units and poor people, he said that a strategy must be chalked out immediately so that the after effects of lockdown may not prove a disaster in the form of financial backlash.

Regarding the freezing from MPLAD, Rahul said that it was a minor issue and it was good that money was being  channelized  for fighting the COVID-19.

“Currently testing levels are too low. I am proposing scaling up testing. One advice to the government is, push testing aggressively. Maximise testing and use testing strategically, to assist states in their fight,” he said.

Rahul did not attack the government vehemently but took mild digs at the government for not formulating a dynamic strategy.




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