Rajasthan: Top most scrumptious foods which will make your mouth watery.

NEW DELHI: Rajasthan, the northern state of India, is prominent for its vied History, Royal Palaces, and The Maharajas and most importantly for its delectable cuisines. Rajasthan has most beautiful landscapes with breathtaking royal Palaces due to which it is one of India’s foremost destination places.

Rajasthan’s people are fond of their food. Each province of Rajasthan has its own special and unique food. Rajasthan’s cuisines are famous for its spicy taste. Spiciness and oil in food preserves it. Milk, dried lentils, Hing Dana, Red Chilli Powder and butter are some common ingredients of Rajasthan’s food.  Rajasthan is a place here you can find both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

Here are some of the delicacies from Royal land of Maharajas.

  1. Daal Baati Churma

This is the Rajasthan’s classic dish. Rajasthan’s food is incomplete without this dish. Baati is round in shape and hard which is filled with ghee. Dal is made up of lentils (Panchkutti Dal).While the churma is a mixture of ground wheat which makes it a perfect combination.

  1. Laal Maas

Predominantly Rajasthan is a vegetarian state. In this state Laal maas is the most popular non-vegetarian food. Laal mens red whereas maas means meat. The dish got its name from its attractive red colour. The dish comprises of marinated goat mutton. The mutton is cooked on low heat with chopped or sliced onion, curd, and sauce of red chillies. The dish is best served with bajra roti.

  1. Balushahi

Balushahi is a traditional Rajasthani sweet. These are deliciously crunchy. It is made up of flour which is deep fried in ghee and then dipped in sugar syrup. It is somewhat same like doughnut but differ in texture.

  1. Rajasthani Kadi

Kadi is the most popular dish of northern states of India. The method of making kadi is same. But the rajasthani kadi differs in texture. Rajasthani kadi is spicy and the a little bit of red colour of red chili powder makes it a delicious dish. The dish is best served with rice.

  1. Ker Sangri

Ker sangri is a typical desert vegetable basically a Pickle (Aachar). This tangy dish is best served with Bajra Roti. The Ker is a wild berry whereas sangria is peppery which is cooked in vegetable oil or butter.


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