Scandal: Suspension of Australian cricketers Smith, Warner and Bancroft due to ball tampering..!!

NEW DELHI: Australian Captain Steve Smith, Vice-Captain David Warner and the bowler Cameron Bancroft were caught red handed on the screens for ball-tampering scandal during the Australia versus South Africa test series. Steve and Warner, both charged with one year suspension as well as Bancroft got a suspension of nine months for their obstinate illegal activities that spoils the spirit of game.

David Warner, Steve Smith and Cameron Bancroft all three were equally involved in this terrible act whereas Warner was the one who developed this plan and Bancroft played the role of executioner. Smith the captain knew about this shameful incident but didn’t put any effort to stop or either informed any other senior players.

It was reported that the Bancroft used yellow piece of paper which contains dirt particles to manipulate with the condition of the ball on their third test against South Africa. International Cricket Council(ICC) had already taken action against the players and charged them with a breach of the CA Code of Conduct of Article 2.3.4 which states that individuals who will compromised with the legalities of the game or bring the game of cricket into disrepute.

After the third day of the test match, Smith addressed the media and admitted about the hideous activity of tampering with the ball that was done by them and no other members had prior knowledge about the execution of the plan. James Sutherland, chief executive of Australia Cricket announced that all three of them had been sent back home from the South African Test Series for their reported act on ball tampering on Saturday.



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