ANKUR UTSAV’17: To celebrate creative inventions at Shardha University..!!

Sharda University.ANKUR Festival'
Sharda University.ANKUR Festival'

Sharda University Noida: We witnessed recently a great platform for students to showcase their innermost creativity in designing prospect through ANKUR Festival’17 which is organised by well renowned Sharda University. The event is organised to create a structured opportunity for the students from different fields to unveil their natural aptitude through their skills in the designing zone.

This is a stage which probably leads towards invention and we have to just add our very own invention which includes our creativity with a strong idea behind it. Over 150 school children had been invited for various competitions to showcase their talent & creativity through different displays in designing like clothing, artefacts, innovative sofa seats made with tyres, artefacts, a building made from egg trays. There were panels which highlights the work of sketches, slogans, hoardings, billboards or  posters by flair skills.

” India is on the brink of becoming an urban nation with multiple openings in the field of designing” said by Vice Chancellor Professor Vijay Gupta at Sharda University. He added that, “designing had a tremendous future in our country in various fields including engineering interior decoration digital communication fashion.


Today in a digital world every individual have a scope of better and larger opportunities in the market. And for that we have to just grab a chance to promote our idea of innovation through technology. Talking about ANKUR UTSAV’17, Professor Om from teaching faculty described the idea behind this event was that children from different age groups and schools came together and perform their craftsmanship by designing various displays on a much vast podium.

The master of ceremonies took place was shared by the teaching faculty which includes panel discussions on the prospects of employment in designing by experts from the industry, radio jingle on a product made by students of communication, nukkad natak and flash mob were the highlights of this innovational event.



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