Sizzling and Seasoned Appetite for Non-Vegeterians: “MUTTON PAYA” ..!!


“MUTTON PAYA” is mostly famous in South Asian Countries. Paya means Feet in south Asian countries. Trotters are the main ingredients of Paya which can be of goat, beaf, sheep or buffalo with various spices. It is also known as by another name “Pacha”. This delicious dish was originated in the South Asia. These days, the dish is very famous for its mouthwatering taste and because of which it is severed in many Indian and Pakistani restaurants all over the world.

There are many recipes for paya it differs from region to region. A soupy curry is made which makes this whole dish a delectable and gives superb reddish texture. The dish is served with garnishing of long coriander leaves and with slice of lemon.

Paya is cooked on low heat and takes long time. Mostly the dish is cooked overnight to get more texture and excellent smell and taste. But these days, it is cooked on pressure cookers and takes less time. This dish can be served with naan, chapatti’s or rumali roti and can also be served with rice. In Winters Mutton Paya, becomes one of the most favourite dishes in South Asia.

One of the famous and enriching dish of paya is “Siri Paya” which is prominently known for its taste and flavour’s. “Siri Paya” is a curry which prepared with emence touch of “khada masala”(indian spices) and heated on”angithi chula”. It will give you smoky and spicy flavour.

There are many health benefits of paya.  It helps in increasing bone density and make them strong. It also prevents from cold. Paya is the best food remedy for joint pains. And a best source of Proteins and Minerals. Paya’s soup is really healthy for children’s and elder people. It helps you to fight a disease called “Osteoporosis” (make you weak and frangible).

Winter is one of the best season for paya’s and gives you the amount of natural seasoning. If you haven’t tasted this appetizing food than this is the best time for trying it out…!!! Winter is here..!! Savour the taste of paya’s.




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