Stressful environment all over India due to Kathua and Unnao rape case..!! Demands #JusticeForAsifa&Unnao ..!!

NEW DELHI: One more brutal incident added to the list, after the heinous crime came in front of us where a 8 year old girl Asifa held captive, drugged, gang-raped and murdered in January this year, reported by the local police of Jammu and Kashmir. Asifa Bano belonged from a nomadic Muslim tribe from Jammu and Kashmir’s Kathua district. She had been kept under high sedatives and raped by atleast three mens over the period of four days.

She was been taken to the nearby temple and after this gruesome act, Asifa’s body was found in the forest nearby temple. She was murdered and her head was badly injured and there was marks all over her body. There were around 8 suspects that had been taken under custody over Asifa’s rape and murder charges. According to the chargesheet that was filed by Crime Branch of Jammu and Kashmir, this act was instigated by the temple’s care taker Sanji Ram and also includes his own son, Vishal, his nephew( juvenile) and a special police officer, Deepak Khajuria who all are detained for the crime.

Due to reports, it is stated that the motive of the crime is to create fear among the muslim community by the majority of hindu community. There were members from the Hindu community that don’t want muslims to be part of that land and that leads to harassment and daily attacks on the nomad tribe.

This leads to people from all over the world came in support to bring justice in Asifa’s case. Social Activists, politicians, celebrities and many other people share their opinions about the culture that is coming where marginalized groups has been attacked by the majority ones. Many people share their condolences and grievances about this dysfunctional law and system. Mehbooba Mufti, the chief minister for Jammu and Kashmir, wrote on twitter, “We will never let another child suffer in this way,”. Whereas other political leaders from both ruling and opposition party came in support to bring justice and secure zone for our womens.

Rahul Gandhi, Pryianka Gandhi and other Congress leaders led a candlelight protest to India Gate to bring justice for Asifa and the teenager in Uttar Pradesh’s Unnao, who was allegedly raped by a BJP lawmaker last year. He also tweeted; “How can anyone protect the culprits of such evil? What happened to Asifa at #Kathua is a crime against humanity. It cannot go unpunished. What have we become if we allow politics to interfere with such unimaginable brutality perpetrated on an innocent child?”



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