Summer Holiday at Negombo Beach, Sri Lanka….!!


NEW DELHI: It is called Negombo, one of the finest name in Sri Lankan tourism. Years ago during colonial times Dutch has captured from Portuguese then last it was managed by British, now it is a significant beach in Sri Lanka. Negombo Beach is much closer to Katunyake Airport (CMB) than Sri Lanka’s Capital Colombo, approx 15 Mins drive away. Frequently International Visitors from all over the places have given its name “Little Rome” due to very breezy and romantic place. Apparently it is glitzy and tranquil beach, which is exotic place to hang out with family or friends. I found this place so natural and important source of Cinnamon to entire Sri Lanka.

I flew from Delhi IGI airport to Mumbai’s Chatrapati Shivaji Int.Airport, from here I had to catch Sri Lankan airways direct to CMB Airport, I found this journey lil’bit lousy however surpassing Kerala followed by Ram setu and pacific ocean bewildered me entirely, journey was so enticing bit lethargic too, believe it lethal combination. It took me around 20 Mins to reach Negombo from the taxi what charged me 800 LKR. Negombo beach is also well-connected with the Colombo by AC coaches & other regular buses. Western coastal beach Negombo is quite popular among European travelers due to its smooth & quiet milieu, one can find easily lot European on biking. There are lot of Caribbean styles pubs and taverns. I had spent almost three nights and four days at leisure. You can enjoy local sea foods and every international beer is available at nominal cost, resort & motel is quite affordable ranges from 200-3000 LKR. Apparently it is first place to spend away if you are getting in to Sri Lanka. Relaxation, temperate sun, breezing, sea surfing and water sports are inevitably quite popular attractions of the Negombo Beach.

You can easily find here quite a few tranquil resorts and fishing villages and of course cost-effective night clubs. All I can say in short, it is absolutely a sought after beach among the summer holiday makers.


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