The Rise and Fall of petrol prices

Petrol Price Hike in India
Petrol Price Hike in India

Petrol Price Hike in India

NEW DELHI: The government is playing a game of hide and seek. The fuel prices are reduced by 5 paise at times to hike it by 60 paise after a week.  This has been happening for the last few years and the government has turned a blind eye to the goings-on.

The government should now take stock of the rising price of fuel in the country.  The constant hike in the prices has led to lot of inconvenience in the country, particularly in Delhi where over 30 lakh vehicles queue the fuel stations for its intake of almost 5 lakh litres per day.

Now with the petrol rate touching over Rs 75 a litre, the government has thrown to winds its earlier promise that the fuel prices would be maintained so as to not burden the commuters. A few days ago, the government did announce a cut in the fuel prices but the people know it’s a temporary reduction.  A few months ago, the government had reduced the fuel prices but within a few hours, the prices propelled.

When asked, a ministry of petroleum official, on the condition of anonymity, said that the rise is a routine one but Delhi rate is cheaper than other metropolitan cities.

The reason, cited for the price hike, is that the international rates of petrol per barrel keeps fluctuating and thus Indian rates get effected.

While countries like Japan have found alternatives to petrol and diesel.  They have protype vehicles running on plain water but India is lagging far behind.


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