Third Phase of lockdown: Govt allowed relaxation on LIQUOR ShOP’S

Liquor shops open: liquor rates 70 per cent hike in Delhi as corona fee 

NEW DELHI: After a long time period of 40 days, central government announced relaxation on liquor shops all across the country. However it was observed in many states that it created a mess, people gathered in hordes at liquor shops to stock up the booze. More than 52 thousand cases have been registered till now and still people are treating this pandemic lightly. All the norms suggested by WHO of social distancing and wearing masks were forfeited just to buy liquor. Central government and state governments also issued statements and strict warnings regarding ‘social distancing’ before opening liquor shops. But it was seen that all these norms were taken lightly.

First it was 70 per cent hike on liquor rates in chaotic Delhi as corona fee. Then came the nightmare of how to control the crowd that thronged the shops. And now on the third day of the opening of the liquor shops, the crowd swelled more but the shops did not open at many places including east and south Delhi. There was no official announcement of its closure.  In Mumbai, when the state government found that the booze-buyers were flouting the physical distance guidelines, they decided to shut down the booze shops.

Liquor shop relaxation in India

The government has played a big joke on the people by imposing a 70 per cent hike on liquor after it found the demand for it up by 300 per cent. The money spent on free distribution of free ration to poor is now being taken back from the common man, it seems. This was an after-thought decision as on May 4, the first day of opening the liquor shops, the rates remained norm

The serpentine queues were running into 400 metres in length. Customers at a vend just opposite the Mayur Vihar Phase 1 police station were seen without face-masks and despite repeated requests to maintain physical distance, it was flouted at many places.

The Delhi government has come under flak for allowing the opening of liquor shops as it will throw physical distancing to the winds. There is a possibility that it will lead to rise in COVID 19 cases.

News Disk team found that none of the customers were serious about the virus but were happier that their own lockdown of booze-binging had come to an end.



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