TOP problem stares continuously – Onion price hike

Onion price hike
Onion price hike

TOP problem stares continuously in vegetable market

New Delhi: The TOP problem is not at all easing.  TOP stands for tomato, onion and potato.  All the three are selling at prices beyond the common man’s pocket. Onion at 100 rupees a kilo, tomatoes now reduced to Rs 30 a kilo while potato at 35 a kilo.

Onion prices have raised a backlash at the government for not containing the price rise despite three months gone by. It was in September when prices of onions spiraled and came to Rs 120 a kilo in early December.

The government imported 12000 tonnes of onion from Turkey but the prices have yet to come down though the wholesale rate of the Turkish onion in Delhi was Rs 400 for 5 kilos.

Onion is a very much needed vegetable that is used in Indian cooking. It is perhaps the only ingredient after spices that adds a subtle flavor to the vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

The question that strikes now is how come onion has never got enlisted in the government’s critical list.  The onion problem has persisted lot many times during the past 21 years.

The reason behind the fresh hike in onion prices can be attributed to higher wholesale rates triggered by unseasonal rains in Karnataka, Gujarat and Maharashtra, the largest onion growing state in the country.

The wholesale price of onions reached Rs 65 per kilo at the Lasalgaon APMC mandi, the largest in the country.




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